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Hello hello! My name is Madeline and I’m looking for some work. I am currently unemployed and have been struggling to find a job the past few months. I am a hard worker and am just looking for some opportunities to help my family. If you need a babysitter, pet sitter, pet walker, someone to run you errands, set up for your parties? I have 10+ yrs of experience with children, I worked at preschools for five of those. I’m comfortable with all ages! I have two dogs and have raised several puppies. Do your pets need someone to hang out with during the day? Or perhaps you wanna go on a last minute adventure but no pups allowed :( I’m your girl! Need help setting up an event? I’ve hosted several birthdays, anniversaries, Easter’s, and dinner parties over the years. And love decorating and making your vision come to life! I am a Queer, latinx woman of multiple trades! I am happy to share references, pictures of past events, or anything else that may be helpful!

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