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Want to Work F1 2023?
I'm currently staffing Hawkers, Backpack Hawkers, and Barbacks for the Formula 1 race, October 20-23 and the Super Stage Concerts after the race, October 20-21, at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX. We are a woman owned and ran company. Race Days (10/20-10/22) Hawkers- 7AM - 5PM Tips (minus 10% tip out) + 2% Sales Commission Backpack Hawkers- 8AM - 4PM Tips (minus 10% tip out) + 4% Sales Commission Barbacks- 6AM - 6PM $300/day + Tip out Super Stage Concerts after the Race (10/20 The Killers- 10/21 Queen w/ Adam Lambert) Backpack Hawkers- 3PM - 12AM $15/hour + Tips (minus 10% tip out) Barbacks- 2PM - 2AM $25/hour + Tip out Must have TABC. Email me if interested with what position you would like to work, which shift, and which days. Note: Hawking is selling beer, water, and/or seltzers out of a mobile cooler, cart, or backpack. Hawkers average $30-60/hr, with our top earners making $60-100/hr.

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