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ISO: New home for Eli! (Cat)
Eli is a sweet and loving 5 year old boy who we adopted from the shelter, however he’s just absolutely terrified of our 4 year old bigger dog (who adores cats, but just has too much energy for Eli.) Eli is currently being fostered by my brother, but we are looking for a new home asap as my brother is having surgery in a week and my apartment is too stressful of an environment for him to be happy in. I’d love to find a new home for him rather than taking him back to the shelter because he absolutely adores people and being in a bigger space. He is fully vaccinated + is up-to-date on flea/tick medicine and is an established patient at Prairie Creek. He is okay with smaller dogs, given some time, but is very unsure of bigger dogs. Facts about Eli: - Full-time biscuit maker - Big cuddle bug - Is completely fine with nail trims and rag baths - Can 100% hold a conversation - Responds to his name when called (like a dog) - Loves looking out the window

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