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Looking for a loving home for my cat Weeb
Making the very difficult decision to re-home my cat Weebay. Looking for a nurturing cat momma who is looking to add in a cat (who thinks he is a dog). Weebay is approx 5-6 years old, and a flame point Siamese mix. I rescued him from AAC and helped him recoup from an injury. Ideally Weeb would go be in a single cat household, although he has always lived with our other cats & dogs- he tries to be pack leader and can be a food & attention hog. I think he would be fine with any dog in the home. He really thinks he’s a dog, and would be glued to his owners lap 24/7 if allowed. I will gladly set up his new home with items to make the transition easier. Please reach out to me with any questions, and serious inquiries we can set up a meeting.

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