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Why do Austin women need their own buy & sell?

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Looking for an eco friendly and budget friendly option when furnishing your home? Check out flpd!♻️
Hey there Austin ladies! My name is Cinthia. My husband and I started our furniture company last year named flpd. We focus on reducing waste for our environment and make beautiful furniture affordable for everyone. We take high-quality used pieces and give them a sustainable second life by refurbishing them! ✨ fpld offers beautiful, refurbished pieces at a fraction of the price, helping you save money while living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Next time you are thinking about redecorating your home, check us out. Help us spread the word of who we are and what flpd has to offer♻️🛋️🌎 Thank you! 🫶🏽 -Cinthia and Jorge

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